We Love Kickstarter!

Though we were unsuccessful in our own attempt to get War Command printed as a physical edition through Kickstarter, we remain completely enamored of this crowdfunding platform.

Kickstarter provides an opportunity not only to independent creators, but also to consumers with niche interests and a penchant for the cutting edge. It has created a fertile environment for new ideas, and fostered a thriving community to support them.

Without further ado, here are some Kickstarter projects we think are worth backing!

The Incredible Baron is an inspired take on the strategy genre that combines influences like Starcraft and Pokemon to create a truly unique gaming experience. The game plays on a 2D linear field and is not unlike a reverse-tower-defense, with you utilizing a customizable army of critters and gadgets to ransack the opposing tower. With over 90 levels and a completely customizable army and tech tree, the game looks to be a reliable time sink for those fond of strategy games and novel mechanics.

Nova Cry is a sci-fi exploration card game designed for quick but deeply customizable gameplay. Players pick a ship, a weapon, and three crew members before making their way across the galaxy to dominate their foes in whatever way they see fit. You can choose to base your power around a fast ship with first and best access to loot, a big ship prepared for any battle, or a diplomatic vessel set on seizing power politically, with your crew all adding their own abilities and modifiers to the mix.

Retroblazer is a gorgeous update to the 2D FPS games that ushered in an era of tastelessly wonderful fast-paced shooters. While the run-and-gun gameplay seems remarkably true to the standards of this forgotten genre, it's been gilded with a bevy of modern support-features like weapon customization and skill progression. If funded, it will include a multitude of weapons, playable characters, and a variety of levels split across four unique worlds. Most importantly, it's super, super pretty.



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