Fringe Games
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Founding date:
March 16th, 2011


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War Haven

1125 Ramona Ave. Apt 3
Salt Lake City, Utah

1 (801) 864-8588


Fringe Games is an independent game studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our primary focus is bringing high quality games to mobile platforms.


It Started With An Idea

Fringe Games is a small group of people who have devoted their lives to making high quality games with an old-school feel. Raymond Hayes, founder and CEO, had no prior professional experience in game design when he came up with the idea for War Command three and a half years ago.In fact, Ray didn't even play games very much, at least not modern ones, and part of the inspiration for War Command were his frustrations with the dominant trends in modern games.

Making A Thing

Starting with nothing but a quality game concept and a die-hard attitude, Ray started talking to people he knew in the app business. After playing a crude version of the game he'd put together with index cards, many people expressed interest, and soon he'd found a small group of talented people who were willing to invest their time and experience into making War Command a reality. Ray was lucky enough to nab Shaun Mitchell as art director for War Command. Having worked for Bethesda Softworks and Acclaim Studios, he's the voice of experience on the team and has been a guiding influence throughout the game's development. Shaun was instrumental in building a strong art team for War Command, and helped the artists retain a thread of commonality across their sometimes very different styles.

Some Necessary Nepotism

Around the time all this was happening, Ray's younger brother Rusty was in the midst of giving up on his own aspirations of being an indie game dev (and his computer science degree) to pursue a more rational career in the burgeoning industry of journalism. Naturally he was an early draft for the company and has spent much of the last few years helping to balance the game and fill out the backstory of the War Command universe, as well as helping with Fringe Games' various PR needs.

Kickstarter And Beyond

Early in 2013 Ray began bringing a printed Beta of War Command around, to various game shops at first and then to some games conventions. The response was overwhelming for a small team; people loved the game, and as Fringe Games added more conventions to the roster the response remained consistent. The most common feedback: will you release this as a physical game?! Acting on this, Fringe Games decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign dedicated to seeing War Command released in a Physical Edition. Though the campaign was not successful, Fringe Games remains dedicated to getting the game released in a physical edition, and will proceed with the release of the digital edition as planned.

The Present Situation

After spending a year improving the product and getting to know the gaming community better, Fringe Games is currently in talks with publishers about the future of the game. A decision was also made to change the name of the game to War Haven, due to some trademark confusion.



War Haven's Original (Olde) Teaser YouTube

War Haven Gameplay Demo YouTube


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There are far more images available for Fringe Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and appropriately gooey, its theme is also deliciously unified. So even though the different armies sport distinct styles (and appendages), they all conceivably come from the same war-commanded universe."
      - Dan Thurot, Space-Biff!
    • "War Command is too much fun!"
      - Things to do in PHX, TTDPHX.com

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