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War Haven is an exciting new game that couples fantastic artwork with intense strategic gameplay. It adapts the collectible card game (CCG) genre to the style of a tabletop war game to bring you a whole new kind of strategy card game. The focus on spacial tactics gives the player a broader scope of implementable strategy than any other CCG while retaining the haphazard, visceral nature of combat in a tabletop RPG. The game takes place in the far future on Haven, soon to be the last livable planet in the galaxy. With races from all parts of space competing for dominance of this alien world, the game features a rich diversity of characters and cards with abilities suited to a variety of unique strategies and play-styles. The game's rich story environment comes to life on every card with wonderful illustrative work by the likes of Keith Thompson, Shaun Mitchell, Austen Mengler, Daniel Trajtemberg and many other great artists.


War Haven is Fringe Games' first game and really the reason we all got together to make games in the first place. Ray came up with the idea for War Haven a few years ago, and after toying with it and refining the gameplay for a while he actually made a set of (index) "cards" and began shopping the idea around to friends and aquaintenances who were into app development. Everyone who played it loved it. Soon, a small team of interested people decided to invest their time into making the game a reality, and Fringe Games was born. Though it was initially being developed solely as a digital CCG focused on the iOS and mobile markets, fan feedback led us to start a Kickstarter campaign to release the game in a physical edition. However, largely due to our own inexperience and the fact that we rushed into the Kickstarter with a scant month's planning, the effort was unsuccessful. Fringe Games remains dedicated to getting the game released in a physical edition and the digital release of the game will move ahead as planned.


  • Deceptively simple gameplay means it's easy to pick up but impossible to put down!
  • Outstanding card illustrations from artists like Keith Thompson, Austen Mengler, and more!
  • Deep deck building allows players to define their own strategy.
  • Focus on spacial tactics gives players more strategic breadth.
  • Set in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe with a strong backstory and rich lore.


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (27MB)
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Selected Articles

  • "Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and appropriately gooey, its theme is also deliciously unified. So even though the different armies sport distinct styles (and appendages), they all conceivably come from the same war-commanded universe."
    - Dan Thurot, Space-Biff!
  • "War Command is too much fun!"
    - Things to do in PHX, TTDPHX.com
  • "This is one I’d like to see on my gaming shelf."
    - Robert C Kalajian Jr, Purple Pawn

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About Fringe Games

Fringe Games is an independent game studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our primary focus is bringing high quality games to mobile platforms.

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War Haven Credits

Ray Hayes
Game Design

Shaun Mitchell
Art Direction

Jignesh Jain
Spirit5 Studios

Rusty Hayes
Design Consulting

Malice O'Conner
Video Production

Keith Thompson
Artist, Freelancer

Austen Mengler
Artist, Freelancer

David Morgado
Artist, Freelancer

Matt Crafton
Artist, Freelancer

Shane Cook
Artist, Freelancer

Yadong Wang
Artist, Freelancer

Aaron Cooper
Artist, Freelancer

Gaétan Weltzer
Artist, Freelancer

Tim Skoglund
Artist, Freelancer

Kwame Antwi
Artist, Freelancer

Carly Sorge
Artist, Freelancer

Neil Que
Artist, Freelancer

Ven Locklear
Artist, Freelancer

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