Spectrum Spectre

Spectrum Spectre is a game we developed for BaconJam06. Though we were initially dismayed with the Jam's theme "Rainbows" we quickly warmed to the subject and remain immensely pleased with the game we ended up with, even if it did only land 31st in the Jam :P

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The game is an homage to the Atari era that got most of the team into gaming in the first place. You play as a super sleuth trying to navigate a perilous maze and rack up points - Because monsters!

The maze's walls and guardians are all one of five colors: red, yellow, green, blue or purple. By hitting colored buttons hidden throughout the maze you can change the background to that color, eliminating all walls and enemies of that shade. Which is a good thing, because the monsters are always getting more, and deadlier, and your gun isn't going to be enough to hold them off for long ;)

With addictive gameplay and an evolving soundtrack from Ryan64K that adjusts to your play, Spectrum Spectre is a project that we look forward to expanding well into the future! If you have any ideas for future features, hit up the Suggestions link below! Current planned features are a new, less jarring color palette for gameplay, more maps, and finishing out the main menu, but we'd like to go a lot farther with it in the long run!

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  • Fixed UI consistency issues across platforms
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to choosing to "retry" on either the David Bowie or Sauron level
  • v0.1.7.1

  • Fixed enemy spawn rates dropping off when choosing to "retry"
  • v0.1.7

  • Multiple levels are back
  • Added marathon mode
  • Ensured powerups consistent when traveling to new level
  • Tweaked bombpiles
  • Rebalanced effects of speed boot stacking
  • Smoothed out movement
  • Removed "Yoga Run" Trick
  • Various bug fixes
  • Introduced enemy spawn bug
  • Introduced UI fontsize bug
  • v0.1.6

  • Added portals
  • Added speed boot and explosion size powerups
  • Added bombpiles which can be kicked or shot
  • various bug fixes
  • v0.1.5

  • Fixed various audio bugs
  • v0.1.4

  • Added briefcases, which allow players to pass thru any wall of their color when held
  • v0.1.3

  • Full rewrite of movement and collisions
  • No more getting stuck "humping" walls or pushing into corners to pass through them :)
  • v0.1.0

  • Full rewrite of movement and collisions - introduced terrible bugs (unreleased)
  • v0.0.5

  • Added Ammo Supply and Spread Shot powerups
  • v0.0.3

  • Altered enemy spawns and behaviors
  • made gun knock enemies back
  • fixed new music glitch introduced in 0.0.2
  • attempted fix to "walking thru walls" bug
  • Only partially successful
  • v0.0.2

  • Revamped menu art
  • added pulsing light
  • fixed various bugs
  • v0.0.1

  • Submitted to BaconJam06

    Movement: WASD

    Firearm: Mouse

    Bomb: Space bar
    You can also kick the bombs

    Pause: Enter

    Objective: Stay alive as long as possible. Kill enemies and collect pick ups to gain extra points. Push buttons to change the background color, killing all like colored enemies and hiding like colored walls of the maze. A survival game with an ever changing RAINBOW environment ;)


    Enemies get faster and deadlier the longer they live.

    Briefcases will allow you to walk through any wall of their color when held, but shooting and reloading are disabled!

    Use bombs to blow up walls or blow up enemies. You can kick them toward your target!

    Carry briefcases to the button of their color for a big score bonus!

    Buggers are the fastest.

    Ghosts move through like colored walls.

    Demons move through all walls.

    Portals emit a large explosion at the entry side when used.

    If you kick a bombpile, you will pick one bomb up.


    Current Beta (Small)

    Current Beta (Big)

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    Compo Version (Big)

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