War Haven

War Haven (currently available as a print&play) is our primary project and the first game Fringe Games began development on. It's our first game, the game Fringe Games born to make, so to speak; an idea we all felt so strongly needed to happen that we decided to make it ourselves.

War Haven is a strategy card game that plays on a board, with each player using their six character cards and twenty-five support cards to attempt to slaughter the other's commander character.

Players will be able to set their characters’ starting battle formation and will have to consider spacial strategy when selecting cards and implementing their battle plan.

The idea is to give the player unlimited strategic opportunities while remaining a fast, easy to pick up game. It's simple enough that any CCG player can learn the gameplay in minutes, but deep enough to obsess over for for the rest of your life, with a degree of randomness in combat that encourages adaptive strategies and on-your-feet tactical thinking.

Combining a rich story with wonderful illustrative work by the likes of Keith Thompson, Shaun Mitchell, Austen Mengler, Daniel Trajtemberg and many other great artists, War Haven offers a fun, futuristic, fantasy environment, with deep and evolving lore and a whole new style of play!

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